Seed Library

The Morris Area Public Library now offers a seed library.

How does it work?

  • The Seed Library is housed in an index card cabinet in our Library of Things.
  • Seeds are arranged in alphabetical order within the following groups: flowers, herbs, melons, and vegetables.
  • Patrons may visit the library and select up to 5 packets of seed. We ask that you make a note of the seeds you’ve taken in our binder at the seed library.
  • As our seeds have been donated, we cannot guarantee varieties or stock levels. When we run out of something, it will be gone.

How Do I Return Seeds?

We hope that our Seed Library will become self-sustaining: as you grow and harvest your crops, let one or two go to seed. Return some of those seeds to the Library for others to share. We will accept store bought seeds as well. We have a container at the seed library for returns. Just fill out one of our labels, identifying the seed, as well as a few notes on growing. Some seeds are easy to save, others need more attention as they can cross pollinate. There are many seed saving resources online such as: We also, of course, have a number of seed-saving books on our shelves and available to download from our digital library.

We would love to see pictures of plants you grow from our seed library, share them with us on our Facebook and Instagram page!