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To apply for a library card, you need to provide both a photo ID and a separate proof of residency.

  • Photo ID: Driver’s License or State ID (these must be current).
  • Proof of residency: Official piece of mail such as current month’s utility bill, current lease agreement, or property tax statement.

Individuals must be at least three years old to apply for a card. Minors age 3 to 17 will need their parent or guardian to provide ID and proof of library district residency. 

To authorize another party to pick up library holds or interlibrary loads on your behalf, please fill out and return to us this form.

To renew a library card, a photo ID with current address must be shown. If the current address is not the address listed on the ID, a separate document showing proof of library district residency will be required.

Residents in an unincorporated area may apply for a Morris Area Public Library card.  The fee for the card is $103 annually per household, and this fee covers all members of a member household. The Illinois State Library service area map will allow you to search for your address and see if you are be within our district (note disclaimers at link).